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Where myth meets modern age

The Hotel Imperial combines Austrian history with contemporary esprit in a distinctive atmosphere that is also reflected in the magnificent Imperial Bar.

  • In the footsteps of great thinkers, legendary artists, and influential celebrities 

    In the footsteps of great thinkers, legendary artists, and influential celebrities 

    As you enjoy an exquisite glass of champagne in the Imperial Bar, you could well be sitting right where Viennese writer and poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal once sat and found inspiration for one of his literary works. In addition to him, countless other historical celebrities - including Oskar Kokoschka, Rainer Maria Rilke, Richard Wagner, Adolf Loos, Karl Kraus, and Charlie Chaplin - chose this splendid palace as a setting in which to find inspiration and share ideas. Elite international guests also honor the Hotel Imperial with their patronage. Noblemen, heads of state and world stars such as Maurice Chevalier, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis appreciated the fabled and unequalled ambience. They all stayed at the Hotel Imperial when visiting Vienna and spent stimulating hours in the Imperial Bar. 

    Today, with its majestic rooms, the Hotel Imperial is still a popular meeting place for intimate and inspiring conversations between artists and creative professionals as well as politicians, heads of state and business people from all over the world. 

  • Come and enjoy the most elegant bar experience at the heart of Vienna! 

    The impressive Imperial Bar is located in the legendary Hotel Imperial, surrounded by historic sites such as the Vienna State Opera, the Church of St. Charles Borromeo and the Vienna Musikverein. It wins guests hearts with its unique atmosphere. Here, luxury meets modern European bar culture in the setting of historic architecture. 

    The Imperial Bar invites you to enjoy a world of glamour, luxury and elegance and a stay filled with superlatives. The imposing crystal chandelier transports you to another era, another world. The atmosphere is magnificent and the entertainment excellent. Enjoy our exquisite champagne and sparkling wine cocktails, which account for only a small part of our extensive bar menu. 

  • From noble residence to luxury hotel rich in tradition 

    In 1862, Duke Philipp of Württemberg had a four-storey palace built in Italian Renaissance style on Vienna's Ringstrasse as a sign of his love for his wife, a Hapsburg. That building is now the Hotel Imperial. However, the couple resided only briefly in their majestic luxury home once it was completed in 1866. In 1872 they moved out because the building was surrounded by a huge construction site and the neighborhood was too noisy for the noble family. 

    Banker Horace of Landau acquired the attractive property a year later and turned it into a hotel with the unique character that it has retained to this day. The stables were converted into a stunning marble hall, which from that point on served as a stylish venue for cocktail receptions, gala dinners and other unique events. The open inner courtyard was transformed into the "Grand Dining Room" restaurant, where amongst others Prince Karl and Princess Margit Schwarzenberg invited guests to celebrate their wedding. Later, the former courtyard became known as the "Yellow Hall" and has undergone many changes over the years. Today, the Imperial Bar is located here, inviting you to spend memorable hours in a timeless atmosphere. 

  • Music everywhere!

    Together with the hotel's rich history and attention to fine detail, it is music that accounts for the hotel's incomparable character. Starting in the 1930s, a three-man band gave a live concert every evening. This tradition lasted for more than 50 years. But the guests themselves frequently create unique experiences. While on a state visit, King Bhumibol of Thailand played saxophone at a gala dinner. Luciano Pavarotti and Mirella Freni were regular guests at the Hotel Imperial and rehearsed in the hall before opening the season at the Vienna State Opera, just a seven-minute walk from the hotel.